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LTS-V800 Vaginal Secretion Analyzer
Exclusive automatic microscopic examination Lector routine detection of revolutionary products Built-in a high-end microscope, the use of accurate microscopic image automatic interpretation technology and one-time slide technology to achieve automatic microscopy, so that vaginitis from manual operation to the true sense of the fully automated.

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Working Principle

Testing card and other supplies (provided by the Zhuhai Lituo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) into the vaginal secretions analyzer designated position, select the test items, into the sample rack, the sample rack placed in the sample tray, start the test operation, Will automatically send samples on the sample rack, automatic mixing, automatic drop, automatic smear, automatically transferred to the microscope to take pictures, the microscope automatically convert high and low magnification, microscope auto focus, automatic drop sample in the detection card board, After the experiment, check the card board photo, automatic interpretation, automatic discard detection card board, automatic cleaning suction sample sampling device and pipeline.

Test Item
  1. Morphological test: Erythrocyte, leukocyte, epithelial cell, trichomonas, myocyte, clue cell, etc.
  2. Chemical test: pH, H2O2, GUS, LE, SNA, NAG and other item.
Product Features
  1. Auto examination of morphology & several biochemical parameters
  2. Auto identification of microscopic results: erythrocyte, leukocyte, epithelial cell, trichomonas, myocyte, clue cell, etc. Auto interpretation of biochemical parameters
  3. Auto loading and unloading of test cassette, avoid cross contamination
  4. Four reagent chamber; one time 60 glass slide & test cassette loading; 40 specimen per run; emergency test available.


Technical Parameter
  1. Automatic microscopy and biochemical detection of two
  2. NAG, SNA, GUS, LE, H2O2, pH combined test
  3. Detection of flux
  4. Detection speed is fast

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